Twice the Love

Twice the Love

If you are just beginning your journey into adoption, it can be frightening at times.  Most of you have been through the heartbreak of miscarriages, or not being able to conceive, or maybe you just want to have a child by the route of adoption.  Whatever the situation, the experience can be a rollercoaster of emotions.  My husband and I went through not being able to conceive and finally both agreed to adopt.  My husband took longer to come around to the idea.

I had done plenty of research and had found an agency run by Geri Glazer. From the very beginning, we were treated with respect and dignity.  We were made to feel like family and were assisted and constantly in contact with someone from the agency.  Having a high amount of contact as a waiting parent is a relief when you start having all the “what if” thoughts.

An open adoption can be a wonderful experience, and we were reassured a good fit would be made.  We did the home study, the interviews etc.  We took our time creating our adoptive parent book, stressing over it and wanting everything to be just right.  Don’t stress so much!  It is amazing what a birth-mom will see in your album that will make her decide you are the right parents they want for their child.
For our birth-mom, Melissa, it was the fact that my husband was in the military, like her dad, just that simple fact.  Some other adoptive parents have had their birth-mom like the fact that the dog was allowed on the couch.   Just be yourselves and that will be enough for a birth-mom out there.  We did receive two calls about a baby before we finally got our Ben.

The first call did not work out for us for reasons on both sides.  The next call was between us and another family, and the birth-mom chose the other family because they were not military.  Three weeks after that call, we got THE call.  I will never forget!  It was June 3rd, 2005, a stormy Friday afternoon.  We had been chosen and she was due June 20th.  It was a whirlwind of getting ready and telling family!    Benjamin was born on June 22nd, 2005.  A beautiful dark haired, brown eyed baby boy!  We were so excited and could not wait to get him home to meet his extended family, who also adore him.

It can be nerve wracking because of the three-month wait until the birth-mom goes to court to sign away her rights.  But Geri does her best when matching to make sure the birth-mom’s mind is made up.  There is a lot of counseling for both sides of the adoption process. Most all have had a positive experience!  From the beginning of the process, to getting our little man, we waited about a year.  Part of the wait took longer because I took a couple of months getting my book ready. But our story does not end there.  When Ben was getting ready to turn two, we got a call directly from Melissa.  We thought maybe she was wanting to see Ben, so we invited her to his birthday party.  She was calling to tell us she was pregnant again and wanted to keep them together, they are full siblings!  She had Samuel one month early on December 2nd, 2007. He spent 3 weeks in the NICU learning to eat, and breathe at the same time.  He was fine and healthy and got to come home on Christmas Eve that year.  This situation does not always happen, but it is a wonderful possibility.

Now we have two beautiful boys, now aged 7 and 5.  They make our lives special and we will never forget how Geri brought us all together and kept us reassured throughout.  We don’t see Melissa, but do keep in contact with her parents.  We had an overall wonderful experience, even though it can be scary at times.  The unknown is always a bit scary, but adopting is a wonderful journey in the end.  It is so worth everything!!

Siobhan, Bill, Benjamin and Samuel

Adoptions by Heart
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*Disclaimer – Photos and testimonials may be from both present and previous clients of employment of Geri Glazer and Jeanne Reisig.

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