The Miracle of Relationships

The Miracle of Relationships

I wanted to take a minute and explain, with gratitude, at the blessing Geri Glazer has been for me – throughout my adoption and after.  Had it not been for her, not only would I have not gone through Creative Adoptions, but I may not have made the choice of adoption at all.  To give up a child is, without a doubt, the hardest thing any woman may have to decide and Geri made sure I was never alone throughout the process.  She personally took on my situation and helped me through the entire process.

One of the reasons I was glad to have found Geri is her love and understanding of the birth mother and the birth mother’s role in the adoption process.  Without the birth mother’s decision and her comfort in making that decision – there would not be an adoption.  Geri took time to get to know me and what my situation involved.  She knew I had been through an adoption before and was severely damaged emotionally from that “open” adoption situation and that I was not completely sure this was what I wanted for myself and my child.  She provided counseling at any time I needed it.  If she was not available, she made sure that somebody would be.  I had nobody – not my family, nor the birth father, nor friends at this time.  I was completely alone.  I already had two older children and the father was in prison.  I was very scared and unsure.  Geri made sure I had women that had gone through similar situations available to me, as well as personally providing me with her attention to answer my countless questions and resolve my fears and worries.

Because of Geri and what she had already done for me, when I was ready to look at potential adoptive parents, I felt confident in the people she brought in to adopt and the level of education they received.  Because of the type of education that Geri made sure the adoptive parents receive, it provided a foundation for an amazing relationship between my son that I gave up for adoption, the adoptive parents, my daughter, and myself.  Because of the education they received and their love of Geri as well, our bond is as strong as any family bond you will find.

My decision to put my child up for adoption and the miracle of the relationships I have because of that choice is a direct result of Geri and her vision she had for Creative Adoptions.  I never would have had such an incredible miracle happen, had it not been for her.

Geri was the person that held my hand, took me to the hospital, and saw me through the hardest situation any woman could face.  And because of her, I’m inspired to continue to be of service to her and/or any birth mother that may benefit from my experience.  Geri is an inspiration, a gift, and friend.

Stephanie K. Marchiano

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