The Love that has Grown in our Hearts……..

The Love that has Grown in our Hearts……

Two years ago, immediately following Mother’s Day, my husband and I submitted our profile book to our adoption agency and officially became a “waiting family”.  I remember all of the anticipation, questions, hopes and fears swirling in our heads.  Most notably, we wondered whether there was really someone out there who would identify with our book and who would have the courage and love in her heart to place her child with us.

Later that year, we got “the call” from Geri Glazer—a day we will never forget—and two days later we met our incredible birthmother.  Two weeks later, our beautiful, amazing son, Owen, was born.  Like every adoptive family going through our agency, we had attended education, read books, talked with other families and researched open adoption on the Internet.  We felt as prepared as we could to handle and relate to the open adoption experience.  As I write this letter now, I realize the one thing I wasn’t completely prepared for, and didn’t necessarily expect, was the love that has grown in our hearts for our birthmother.

Our birthmother had experienced some trauma in her life in the year prior to her pregnancy with Owen.  In the aftermath of Owen’s placement, she experienced additional trauma, but of a different variety…there were post pregnancy health complications.   I remember a personal feeling of despair when her ability to live happily in the aftermath of the placement was overshadowed by these complications.  Fortunately, her strength and resolve carried her through this period of turmoil.  In the second year since the placement of our child, we have witnessed her regain her health, happiness, and positive outlook on life.  She found a job which she loves and I know she has the confidence to pursue her dreams.  The happiness and personal fulfillment of our birthmother will always hold a great deal of importance to me.

When I reflect on our lives and the family we have built, I cannot do so without a great sense of love, admiration and appreciation for our birthmother.  Owen has filled our hearts with joy and our home with laughter.  By choosing adoption, our birthmother has made a profound and everlasting impact on our lives.

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*Disclaimer – Photos and testimonials may be from both present and previous clients of employment of Geri Glazer and Jeanne Reisig.

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