My most beautiful accomplishment

My most beautiful accomplishment

Three years ago I was a lost and scared girl who felt that her future was ruined. I was 20, pregnant, alone and had no one I felt I could turn to, basically, to be quite frank, I was screwed. Then one day I met a fabulous woman named Kris, my first contact with an adoption agency and the woman who put me in touch with Geri Glazer, the woman who changed my life, gave me a second chance and basically became a second mother to me. I am not one to open up to people at all, but there was something about Geri that let me open up and put my trust and my baby’s future in her hands. At the time all I could feel was shame, anger and regret… Geri showed me that I needed to open my eyes, Nate is the best thing that ever happened to me and the most beautiful accomplishment of my life. I only wish now I wouldn’t have wasted all that time feeling that regret and embracing the beauty of this adoption. The day Nathan William was born, I will admit, I was again a broken woman, I have never cried more in my life or felt the heart ache of having to sign the papers to officially give him to the wonderful family I chose, it still brings tears to my eyes when I remember those moments. The only thing that kept me strong through that process was Geri Glazer, her words in my head, her love in my heart, she showed me no judgment, but instead gave me validation for the beautiful act I was performing. She showed me I do have a future, I CAN finish school, I can have a life, AND I CAN LOVE MYSELF. Geri helped me through what started out as a horrible time in my life… But Geri Glazer saved my life. I can’t imagine never knowing her now. She is the reason I am graduating from college this year and starting my adult life, she is the reason I am able to do anything today, and I will NEVER be able to repay her. But I will love her until the day I die, and I will never forget who helped me get where I am today.

I love you Geri.
With Love,
Emily P.

Adoptions by Heart
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Denver CO. 80237

*Disclaimer – Photos and testimonials may be from both present and previous clients of employment of Geri Glazer and Jeanne Reisig.

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