My Greatest Life Lesson

My Greatest Life Lesson

How do you appropriately say thank you to someone who cared for your daughter when you were unable?  I don’t believe there are enough words to speak of that would describe what my heart has felt for 17 years.  Geri Glazer took my daughter, Courtney, then 19 and a college student, into her arms and supported her as if she were her own.  Courtney and I had many, many long distance (I lived 1200 miles away) discussions regarding her pregnancy, but honestly, I always ended up feeling so helpless.  Worry and fear become as much a part of me as breathing.  Until I had the opportunity to visit and grasp Geri’s mission in adoption,  I found my heart easing up on the heaviness I’ve felt.  The support, guidance, counseling, honesty, integrity and passion I witnessed was such an eye opening experience.  My fear and worry were replaced with hope and possibility, not only for my daughter and her baby, but for all the other birth moms and adopted families.  The support and mentoring doesn’t stop after the baby is born, it continues with the same open arms.  Geri was available 24/7.

This journey was definitely an emotional rollercoaster.  I was there for the birth of my granddaughter, as were her adoptive family.  We all were in the room together and cried for each other and it felt as if were were one.  That was confirmed when we heard her middle name would be Hart.  We would always be connected.  I wouldn’t change a thing about this experience as it gave me my greatest life lesson: love.  What I know for sure is that families come in all shapes and sizes and that in itself is a blessing; my prayers were answered, my daughter and granddaughter were healthy and loved.

I believe God chose Geri as his angel on earth and gave her the passion and willpower to build this beautiful place called Adoption by Heart as only our CREATOR can do.  She listened to that calling and has definitely earned her wings.  What an honor it has been to be a part of her story.


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