Meant to be Their Baby

Meant to be Their Baby

I first began meeting with Geri K. Glazer at the beginning of March 2011, when I was eighteen and around six and a half months pregnant.  I had been working with Real Choices in Lafayette, CO and addressed the desire to pursue an adoption for the baby I was carrying.  My dear friend Andrea recommended several choices in agencies and suggested that I look into all of them, but placed special emphasis on her friend Geri and the agency she founded 21 years ago in Colorado.

Geri took great care to ensure that I was comfortable, and she worked around my schedule to meet with me after class at Red Robin so that we could get to know each other and discuss the situation.  Immediately after meeting her I knew there was no need to look any further.

I knew absolutely nothing about adoption (open or otherwise) before meeting Geri; I just knew that the best thing I could do for my baby would be to provide him with everything I couldn’t give to him at the time.  I wanted to know if it would be possible to get letters or pictures on occasion, but thought even that may be asking too much.  Geri assured me that her families were very open, though I had no idea just how open they could be.

Over the next few months we got together for cherished counseling sessions and the two of us became fast friends; she was there for me at the most difficult time of my life when almost no one else was.  Though birth mothers can often be demanding and overly emotional (it’s the hormones!), she had nothing but patience and love waiting in response.  I remember, before even taking the books home, asking if there were families I could look at besides these because I was convinced I couldn’t find the perfect ones in the contents of a small suitcase.  Geri just smiled at me and told me to take a look at those first, knowing full-well that there was somebody in there for me.  I told her I was expecting a sign like the heavens opening up and a choir of angels singing hallelujah in order to know they were the ones.

I was too nervous to check the profiles on the day I got them, but my mom and I sat down the next day to begin the process.  We were not allowed to say anything to each other, so that our views would remain unclouded and we would come out on the other end with opinions of our own.  I scoured the books, judging every detail, critiquing every grammatical error and judging skeptically whether the smiles in the photographs were real or forced.  I consider myself to be a Christian, and it was important to me to see a true testimony of faith in the future parents of my son.  I went through book after book, worried I was never going to find what I was looking for…until I came to them.

Destiny and Chris shared exactly the same values I had, and had already adopted a little girl named Brooklynn.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted my son to have an older sibling, but I knew I didn’t want him to be an only child.  I felt him kick and kick while he was supposed to be sleeping, seemingly excited about the prospect of this new family!  At this point, I was just making up excuses not to like them because I knew in my heart they were perfect.  Brooklynn seemed like the perfect big sister, and it looked as though the longer she was with them the happier she got.  My family didn’t want to tell me what to do, but they all knew this family was perfect as well.  When I looked at their book again the next day, I got the same joyous kicking from my baby; there to assure me that his place was with them.

You know you’re in love when you could stare at a mere picture for hours; when you can’t stand the thought of having to let go because you know you want them to be around forever.  I hadn’t even met them, and I continued to try to deny it to myself, but they were exactly what I wanted.  Though I dreaded having to return the book (and even snuck photocopies of it), I was overjoyed when Geri told me it was mine to keep!  You could tell she knew each family very personally, because she could tell me exactly anything I wanted to know and always had a little twinkle in her eyes.  I was terrified, but Geri helped to show me that there was nothing to be afraid of.

I only met with them once, about four days before he was born, because my little surprise decided he was too excited to wait any longer and ended up coming a month before his due date.  While in the hospital,  I had the pleasure of enjoying the company of Geri, another birthmother named  Kayleigh whom she set up to mentor me, Babette (who I also connected with through Geri), and my new family.  I anticipated the worst, and I was ready to embrace a whole set of horrible emotions at what I thought was the “end” of this journey.  However, it wasn’t like that at all.  When the time came to leave the hospital, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace.  This little five pound bundle of love and joy was placed sleeping in his momma’s car; his new life and family ready to embrace him with all the love in the world.  While I remained stoic, Destiny and I held each other as she cried tears of joy and gratefulness at this amazing blessing that had just entered both our lives.  I knew in my very core that this plan had been woven together before the threads of the universe; that he was meant to be their baby all along and that this was all a part of a perfect master plan.

In the months since, I have been blessed beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  What I thought was a horrible tragedy has turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  The family allowed me to pump milk for their son and we get together quite frequently; they have become my family and Brooklynn often tells me that I’m her best friend.  It has been a joy and a treat to not only receive pictures, but get to see them with my very eyes!  My mom recently expressed to me that Aidan Kai is not only “hers”, but that Brookie is too 🙂  Geri explained to me that adoption was meant to be an expansion of love, and it has been just that.  It seems we were all exactly what the others needed.

I’m sharing this background information with you, because I want to truly express that Geri is in the business of creating families.  She pours her heart and soul into her work and sacrifices tremendously to each and every one of us, no matter how horrible and undeserving we may be at times.  I have never met anyone with a heart quite like hers.  She is my friend, and will be forever!  I’ve watched other people who are told they will not get to spend time with their children, and I was told countless times on my own that I was unrealistic to go into adoption with any sort of ideals.  Geri brings real love into the situation, and I cry when I think about just how blessed I am to have her…it could so easily have turned out a different way.  If it weren’t for Geri I’m not sure where I would be; I thought I would lose any happiness that might ever come my way, but instead my blessings have increased a thousandfold.  I believe wholeheartedly in her and her work, and would do it all again in a heartbeat without changing a thing.  I wish everyone could have the same passion and heart that she has, and Geri always inspires me to be a better person.  In speaking with my family, they express the same sentiments.  Geri betters the lives of everyone all around.  I cannot possibly convey just how incredibly thankful I am for her and the work she does, but my hope is that this letter will allow you to have a taste of what she does for all of us.

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