Look for Your Silver Lining

Look for Your Silver Lining

In the last four years of my life, I have transformed in so many ways, to write it all out would turn this into a novel! Instead, I will save you the time and be direct, if you are reading this, it is probably because you are looking for an option… You may be feeling scared and lost without a clue as to what you want to do, believe me when I say, “I KNOW”.

I know that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, I know the sleepless nights with different thoughts of “what if” scenarios running through your mind, I know the selfish thoughts of “Why me?”, I know what it feels like to day-dream that you are in the position to… Be the mother you sometimes so desperately want to be… And I am here to tell you, it’s okay.
Four years ago I had all the time in the world… I was 19 going on 20, pregnant, with no degree and no financial stability… Oh, and did I mention, I was also scared out of my freaking mind??? Was I an idiot? Yes. Or at least I felt that way, I felt like my life was over, I was going down in the books as another statistic and that was the end… My only chance was to live vicariously through my child by auditioning him for Disney Channel and crossing my fingers (Yes. I was a YOUNG IDIOT!). Then, one day on Google, I find the tiniest glimmer of hope… It was a long shot… And it was a whole TWO STATES WEST… Still, it was enough to push me to spend every last dollar I had on a bus ticket to Colorado where I found myself meeting a wonderful representative for an organization started by a woman named Geri Glazer, her name was Kristina, she had a wonderful job… A life… A husband… A family… AND HAD GIVEN A CHILD UP FOR ADOPTION HERSELF? Wait a second, Nope, not possible. This would mean… My fate isn’t sealed? I’m not doomed to a life of welfare and burger flipping after all?

Basically, my already too long and dramatic point is… You can still dream, you can still have ambitions, your fate is still in your hands… There are people who can help… Four years ago, I felt like a nobody, my life was over… Geri Glazer helped me see the precious gift I had been given, the gift I could share with a wonderful family that I love SO MUCH, Nathan William, the most beautiful boy in the world, the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I am now a college graduate, with an awesome job, moving into a house of my own, a family that loves me and my whole life ahead of me. Life is complicated, and sometimes it sucks, and I know it sounds cliche, but it’s the silver lining that will get you through this, Geri Glazer was my silver lining… Now it’s your chance, take it.


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*Disclaimer – Photos and testimonials may be from both present and previous clients of employment of Geri Glazer and Jeanne Reisig.