It’s Not Easy, but oh so loving…….

It’s Not Easy, but oh so loving……

My Note to Birthmoms:  When a mother makes the choice to give her child up for adoption it does not mean that she doesnot love her child.  In fact, it means very much the opposite.  It is one of the most unselfish, loving things that a mother could ever do for her child.  She is putting the needs and interests of another human being, her beloved child that has grown inside her belly for nine months, above her own desires despite the pain and loss she anticipates feeling forever. It is never an easy decision and one that should not be taken lightly.  It is, however, a very mature and selfless act.  Donot ever be afraid to do what is in the best interest of your child.  God will help ease your feelings of loss and bring you much peace.

What Helped Ease My Feelings of Loss?:  Shortly after Austin was born and continuing for several years, I occasionally spoke at the adoption agency to parents who were seeking to adopt a child.  I told them my story of how I came to choose open adoption and tried to relay to them all the benefits that an open adoption afforded them, their soon-to-be-adopted child and also the birthmom.  Speaking to these parents helped me to cope with my loss and truly appreciate the gift that I was able to provide to Steph and Kevin, as well as to Austin.  Speaking with those parents-to-be also helped ease the pain that continued to remain in my heart, especially after Austin moved away.


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