Home Study Process

Adoptions by Heart, LLC (ABHC) provides home study services for families seeking to adopt. As a licensed Colorado adoption agency, ABHC is licensed to provide home study services for all adopting parents in Colorado, and/or if they have an adoption pending in another state.

Adoptions by Heart, LLC (A.B.H.C) will coordinate your home study quickly and professionally so you can get started on your adoption journey as soon as possible. Call to speak with one of our staff members or request more information.

Home Study

What is a Home Study?

Adoption laws in every state require prospective adoptive parents to complete a pre-placement study,  called a home study. The home study consists of education and training for the adoptive parents, interviews, and various forms of paperwork, background checks and a home visits.   In Colorado all adoption home studies are done in the S.A.F.E. format.  Structured Analysis Family Evaluations are done by Masters level S.A.F.E. certified case workers. Their journey with you will be to educate, prepare and support your journey to adoption.  They are required to gather information about you and to evaluate your stability as an adoptive family.

How Long Does the Home Study Take to Complete?

On average the home study process takes approximately1 to2 months to complete. You can help speed up the process by filling out your paperwork, scheduling your medical appointments, and gathering the required documents as soon as you can.

Although the home study process can cause a bit of anxiety for some prospective adoptive parents, there should be no reason to worry about not being “approved”.   We know there is no such thing as perfect parents. We know you are a real family who want to parent real children.

We make our home study process as straightforward as possible with the objective being that you will be excited and prepared to welcome your child into your family, through adoption without hesitation.

The home study is conducted in the comfort of your home and C.A.B.H. will do our best to accomodate your schedule.  We will work with you to find the best and most convenient times for all of us, whether that be nights or weekends, if necessary to complete your home study.

For more in-depth information and to get started call 720-458-5858 or complete the Request Info form on this website.