Why A.B.H

Why A.B.H.C

Although there are numerous child placement agencies in Colorado’s, it is unique that 2 Masters level professionals with over 45 years of combined experience in adoption are together in one agency.  It is unique to find an agency that has two long standing, dedicated and experienced birth parent counselors, as well as a team of all Masters level home study caseworkers.

A.B.H.C.  projects equal nurturing, counseling, education and concern for ALL members of the adoption triad. Equitable services to all adoption triad members is a rarity, in this very competitive adoption agency market in Colorado.

A.B.H.C has Birth parent Counselors committed to helping the birth parents make the best decision for their lives.

At  A.B.H.C there is an ultimate respect for the spirit of open adoption and those involved in the adoption triad (the birth mother, adoptive family and the baby).

A.B.H.C  has direct access to legal advice and representation, dealing with adoption law and A.B.H.C  exclusively.

Birth Parents are offered mentoring before, during and after placement by other birth parents who share similar experiences.

Prospective adoptive parents are offered mentoring before, during and after by other adoptive families who share similar journeys.

About Us:

Colorado Adoptions by Heart - Denver Adoption AgencyGeri K. Glazer, MSW will bring to A.B.H.C a wealth of adoption experience and a value centered commitment to optimize the adoption experience for both birth and adoptive parents. As the Founder of Colorado’s Creative Adoptions, Inc.(1990-2012) and 22 years of experience as both an Executive Director and primary Birth Parent counselor in that agency, she comes to this venue with over 28 years of experience, over 1200 adoptions;  first in “closed” adoption work, then co-directed a semi-open adoption program( today we would call it closed adoptions)  until she founded the fully open adoption agency in Colorado,  Creative Adoptions, Inc. in April of 1990.  Geri spent 22 years with Creative Adoptions, Inc. before beginning the journey to found Adoptions by Heart…Colorado  with Jeanne Resig in the fall of 2012.


Colorado Adoptions by Heart - Denver Adoption AgencyJeanne Reisig, MA will also bring to Adoptions by Heart, LLC.  a wealth of experience in the adoption arena. She is the author of a recently published adoption book “Unbroken Ties” and is well respected in the adoption community. Jeanne is also a certified Parenting with Love and Logic instructor and will incorporate that parenting technique into the education offered through Adoptions by Heart, LLC.

Unbroken Ties …

At last! A book that dispels the common myths and misconceptions,
and reveals the many blessings and benefits of open adoption.

Rich, poignant stories of adoption from courageous birth parents who have made an agonizing life choice for another, who had no voice in the decision
Dramatic and amazing stories from adoptees about the search for their roots, the countless emotional impacts of being adopted, and some of what they’ve learned from their lives
Beautiful, at times heart-wrenching, personal experiences from both closed and open adoptions
An essential read for not only the adoption “triad” (birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents) but for adoption professionals and legislators who address adoption issues.

Jeanne has a master’s degree in Psychology and Counseling. For 15 years she has worked in the field of adoption helping hundreds of birth parents make an adoption plan for their babies as they give the gift of life to adoptive families who are unable to conceive a child. 
She has also worked closely with adoptees in their search for their biological parents, counseling, supporting, and addressing any issues that come up for them in this process.

Jeanne has spoken at fundraisers and talked to high school classes about adoption, and has presented at seminars across the country.
In her personal life, she is a native of Colorado, a high adventure traveler, and the mother of two grown successful daughters.

Unbroken Ties: Connection Continues After Adoption
Authored by Jeanne Reisig M.A.

Rich, poignant stories of adoption from courageous birth parents who have made an agonizing life choice for another, who had no voice in the decision.

Unbroken Ties: Connection Continues After Adoption

*Disclaimer – Photos and testimonials may be from both present and previous clients of employment of Geri Glazer and Jeanne Reisig.