Hamblin-The Perfect Plan

Hamblin-The Perfect Plan

When my husband, Greg, and I were first married, we had our entire life planned out perfectly, right down to the births of the four children we had agreed to have.  It never occurred to either of us that perhaps it wouldn’t be that simple.  I had watched my siblings and friends since I was a child as they would decide it was time for another baby, and magically within the next few months, a pregnancy would be announced…so simple.  About three years into our marriage, Greg and I decided it was time for our family to begin.  After a few negative pregnancy tests, I started to feel impatient and a bit frustrated, but on the eighth month the test was positive, and our baby, Jacob, was soon born.  My plan was for our kids to be three years apart, so two years later, we decided it was time for baby number two.  Again, the first few pregnancy tests were negative, but I attributed this to health issues I was experiencing.   But the next 6 years were filled with negative pregnancy tests, fertility tests and treatments, including everything from Clomid to acupuncture, none of which were successful, and we eventually decided that adoption was our answer.

I first heard about open adoption from my neighbor who was also an adoptive mother.  I remember thinking that it sounded so strange, and I didn’t think that I would be comfortable with that type of situation.  However, after meeting with several adoption agencies, we felt an immediate connection with Geri Glazer and her agency and decided to move forward.  We spent the next few months doing everything we needed to do to qualify for the adoption – home study, doctor appointments, forms and more forms, education classes, CPR certification, etc.  The education classes were particularly enlightening for us.  It was during these classes that we learned more about open adoption, and we both decided this is what we wanted for our baby.  Once we became more educated, it didn’t seem strange to us anymore.

In February 2007, our beautiful daughter, Ella, was born.  It has often been said that the best things come to those who wait, and that adage is definitely true when it comes to our sweet little girl.  I know that every child is special, but there’s just something a little extra special about Ella.  Her sweetness and inner beauty never cease to amaze me.  She has a love and excitement about life that can put a smile on anyone’s face.  She is loved by all who know her.

A few years later, we decided it was time to add to our family again.  In June 2010, our handsome son, Brody, was born.  We always say that Brody’s smile is almost too big to fit on his little face.  He has unlimited energy and always keeps us laughing with his silly sense of humor.  He also has a soft, sweet side and loves to cuddle and give hugs, especially to his big brother and sister, both of whom he adores.

Ella’s birthmom, Sierra, and Brody’s birthmom, Shawna, have both become part of our extended family, and we are so thankful for the relationships we have with them.  It is wonderful to hear Ella say that she got her green eyes from Sierra or to hear Brody say that he grew inside Shawna’s tummy.  At this point in their lives, their understanding of adoption is limited.  But as their understanding increases, they are sure to have questions, and it gives me great comfort to know that their relationships with their birthmoms will help them understand, and they will never have to wonder where they came from.  Greg and I are eternally grateful for these two amazing young women and for the precious gifts they have entrusted to us.

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