First Colorado Adoption‏

What can we say about Geri Glazer to share the impact this astounding woman has had on our life? There are people on this earth who just thrive on creating other people’s joy. There are people on this earth who just do kind, loving acts without receiving anything in return. There truly are angels on earth. Geri is the epitome of all this. I haven’t ever met anyone with a bigger, kinder or more loving heart!

Let me begin by telling you our journey with Geri began in 1987, twenty six years ago when Geri Glazer was still in graduate school and our family holds the distinct honor of being the first Colorado adoption Geri ever participated in! We like that Geri refers to us as Colorado’s First Family! As special as Geri is to our family, we know that our kids hold a special place in Geri’s heart. Well, I would say Geri holds every birth mom, baby and family she has helped in her heart, BUT Annie because she was first holds just a little bit bigger piece of Geri’s heart!

After adopting 3 children, we can say we would follow this incredible woman to the ends of the earth. We adopted 3 children from 3 different agencies whose only commonality was Geri Glazer. She was the HEART of each agency we used. Our experiences were magical because of the journey we took with Geri. In our home we would refer to adoptions as Geri’s kids, Geri’s world! This woman, independent of any agency, is the heart of every agency we followed her too! She created our complete family. Our babies were meant to be our babies by the unselfish love of each of their birth moms, but Geri was meant to bring them to us! This woman is my hero!

*Disclaimer – Photos and testimonials may be from both present and previous clients of employment of Geri Glazer and Jeanne Reisig.

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