Eternally Grateful

Eternally Grateful

eri Glazer has been one of the best influences in my life in one of the most important ways.  Placing a child for adoption has its history of painful outcomes.  So many people would have you think it’s something that is dreaded and will make you and your child grieve for the rest of your lives.  When I was seeing Geri as my birth counselor, she helped me to see things in a way that did not have to be painful.  This has made all the difference to me in my life.  It has made all the difference in the life of the child I bore and placed for adoption.  Geri helped me to create an adoption plan that didn’t make me feel pain.  My entire adoption experience was and still is a source of extreme joy.  My story is not one that I bear in secretive shame.  It is one that I tell with pride.  When I was in the early months of my pregnancy I struggled with my decision over what to do for the child that I would be giving birth to.  So many other adoption professionals made me feel like I didn’t really have any rights as a birth parent if I would be placing my child for adoption.  I would have the right to choose the parents, but after that, I would potentially become a birthparent that would be feared; someone that couldn’t know where my child was or know how to make contact with the family directly.  Where is the respect in that?  Geri helped me to learn that having an out-of-wedlock unplanned pregnancy wasn’t something that I should feel ashamed of.  She helped me to believe that as a birthparent, I deserved to be someone that would be respected.

I choose Geri as my birth counselor because she helped me to see the experience in ways that felt good for me.  She helped me know that I did have rights as a birthmother and I could care about what happened in my child’s life.  It made me feel free to love the child I was carrying instead of feeling like I wasn’t allowed to love that child if I were to place it for adoption.  This meant EVERYTHING to me.  I wanted to love that child and care for it even though I wouldn’t be the child’s parent past the birth.  This concept has inspired me and helped me to understand that open adoptions are defined my being free to love and showing respect to all of those involved.  This message has been so important to me that I hold a special place in my life for endeavors to share this message to hundreds or thousands more people who also need to understand what adoption can be.   If it weren’t for Geri helping me to feel good about my role as a woman and as a birthmother, the outcomes of my experience may have been one that left me in endless pain and grief.  Instead, she helped me to know that I could choose the parents based on things that I would like my child to have in their life.  She helped me to find parents that fit my desires, parents that matched me, parents that I could build a relationship with.  She actively sought out parent’s that fit the descriptions I provided to her.  After gathering together profiles from parents seeking to adopt, I had several good parents to choose from.  It was a very difficult decision.  Regardless, with Geri’s support, in the end, I choose parents that made me feel very very excited for the life that my child would live with those parents.  I felt very good knowing that my child would be cared for in ways that I would want and in ways better than I would be able to provide myself.

I found parents that made me feel comfortable, who made me feel cared for and that I was also important to them, not just the child I was bearing for them.  Geri helped me to know that I could collaborate with the parents on an adoption plan that we all felt good about.  Even though the law wouldn’t make those parents keep me in the picture, Geri helped me to know how to build a relationship with the parents that would endure beyond the birth of the child and all the legal transfer of parental rights.  It’s been ten years since I gave birth to a little boy, Indigo Cielo.  Having created an open adoption plan with Geri’s support, I have had everything I imagined and more for myself and the life of the child I bore.  Geri helped to advocate for the rights I had for time with Indigo in the hospital, while I was still legally his parent.  I really needed Geri’s support at that time and she was there for me.  I wanted the parent’s to be involved at the hospital, but I also wanted my time with Indigo that would be to myself.  This was a very important time for me since it was the final day I would have as Indigo’s mom, being responsible for the care of Indigo.  I wanted to cherish those final hours being able to hold him in my arms and love and adore him, just me and him alone.  After that I would pass him into the loving arms of the parents I choose for him and it would be up to them to freely allow me into their’s and Indigo’s life.  I would no longer be his mom.  However, because I was able to create and adoption plan and believe that I had a right to collaborate with Indigo’s parents, Indigo’s parents and I have had several years of continuous happy memories that we have shared in the life of Indigo. They have always shown me extreme gratitude and a high degree of respect as being Indigo’s birthparent.

If Geri hadn’t helped me to know that I deserved that, I may have never created a relationship with the parents in a way that I believed I deserved it.  I will always and eternally be grateful to Geri for her wisdom, guidance and support.  The world of adoption wouldn’t be as great as it is, adoption experiences for hundreds wouldn’t be as happy as they are, if it weren’t for Geri.



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