Eased My Mind

Eased My Mind

My name is Lee and I meet Geri from a referral and it was and is hands down the best thing that’s happened to me. Not only did she work around my schedule but she really took the time to sort out the WHOLE situation with me and really weed out what was best for me and this little life growing inside of me.

Geri explained every aspect of adoption to me and made things come to light that I didn’t think of before meeting her. Thing’s such as it’s not a bad thing to give your child to another family. It does not make me weak to do such a thing. She put my mind at ease. Every time I met with her was more than pleasant, it was a critical part of making what was the hardest decision of my life. Explaining all of my options and getting me in touch with my new extended family. No pressure and always thinking of what was really best for me.

I can’t think of and more compassionate and passionate person for a position like this. To really have a handle on what’s best, what is the best decision for you and your baby. Not heartless and cold but caring and understanding.

Geri made this painful and difficult process easier and I don’t know what I would have done without her counsel. We became and still remain friends and having looked into other agencies and talking with some other counselors in this field it was such a relief to meet someone who truly cares and is amazing at what they do best, walking by your side, being your guide thru what is the most important and difficult decision a women who’s expecting a child can make.

Adoptions by Heart
4605 S. Yosemite St.
Denver CO. 80237

*Disclaimer – Photos and testimonials may be from both present and previous clients of employment of Geri Glazer and Jeanne Reisig.

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