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Matt Rocks My World

Matt Rocks My World

“Get in the car, hurry!” shouted my mom.  As my parents and I shot off in our car, I was full of curiosity.  The glow on their faces was absorbed in my eyes.  I finally understood.  After years of waiting, my new sibling was about to arrive.

When we got to the hospital, after a thirty minute ride that seemed to take four hours, I was blasted by fluorescent hospital lights.  The elevator seemed to go in slow motion as we made our way to the labor and delivery room.  The nurse at the desk asked “Who are you here to see?”  My dad’s voice shook as he replied “Chanon and Luke.”  The green, uniformed nurse smiled at us and said “The baby has just been born.  They’re in the room three doors down.”

We knocked on the door and when it opened a blast of emotions hit me.  I was nervous, excited and happy.  I looked around the room and saw Chanon, the lady who we were adopting our baby from.  She was laying on a bed silently crying tears of pain and joy.  I felt tears the size of baseballs form in my eyes.  I couldn’t hold them in any longer.  I had a brother, but Chanon had just given him to me and my family, so I cried for her.  She hadn’t even held him.  Holding him would have been too hard for her.
I had to shut my eyes to stop the tears.  I walked over and thanked her.  Then I looked at the small beds.  A baby boy laid there wrapped in a towel, his face red and scratched from his long, baby nails.  Then it hit me, that’s your brother.  I felt like all my worries were gone.  That was the first time Matt rocked my world.

Matt brings me joy, laughter and everything else, even fear because he is my brother and he was born to do that.  I can’t wait to see how and where he rocks my world next.  I would never trade Matt for anyone or anything in the universe. My hopes for a new sibling were answered by Chanon, who thought of us before herself.  She gave us the best gift you could ever receive, Matt.  Chanon rocks my world too.

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