Brynna’s Story

Brynna’s Story

We moved to Colorado in 2006 and had previously looked at options for adoption due to infertility issues after our son was born in 2003.  We looked at several options in the Denver area and didn’t really find a connection until we met Geri and her team.  After we attended an initial informational session, Tricia and I immediately knew that we wanted add to our family with Geri’s help through the adoption process.  It was nearing the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in 2006 and we planned to start putting together our family album and “getting serious” about moving forward after the beginning of the New Year. 

We were preparing for a couple years journey as we began to plan for the future, save money, and prepare our son for a new sibling.  Tricia, being a little excited had our family album put together and submitted, with all of our family inputs, over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Our son told Santa he wanted a new baby for Christmas and we tried to add some reality,without dampening the excitement and enthusiasm of a three year old..….it was going to take longer than Christmas for a baby.  Little did we know we would have our Christmas miracle. 

As Geri described it, “your daughter fell from the sky” on December 7th, and within one week, because we had to start and finish the process of home visits, background checks, paperwork and everything else, we had our one-week old daughter sleeping at home, in her crib.   Eleven days before Christmas and less than a month after we decided this was the path for us to take.  This was truly an exceptional experience compared to a more normal experience, if any adoption can be considered normal.  Our daughter turned 6 a couple months ago and is starting to ask more questions and become more interested in her adoption story.  To this point although we were fully committed to an open adoption experience we have had no contact with our daughter’s birthmother, based on her preference.  We don’t know what the future has to hold, but I can only believe it will be as exciting as our journey this far.

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