Things To Do While Waiting

Jordan and i and maisy
It can feel like an eternity waiting for “the call” from the agency!   However, to help pass the time until you bring your baby home there are helpful and productive things you can do.
With the help of  Adoptions by Heart adoptive family mentors and previous adoptive parents, we have put together a list of activities that you might want to consider completing during your wait.

Some Things to Do While Waiting For Baby:
  • Seek support from other people adopting through A.B.H.C’s  adoption support group.
  • Take a class in newborn care.  We recommend the Adoptive Parent Baby Prep Class offered through Parker Adventist Hospital, Rebecca Vahle phone 720-936-9021 or  [email protected]
  •   Read and educate yourselves about infant/newborn care, parenting and open adoption.
  •   Research  parenting techniques  that you find interesting i.e., baby massage, using sign language, etc.
  •   Start planning your “family leave” .
  •   Research parental/family leave policies with your employer.
  •   Research and select baby furniture (it can take months to arrive).
  •   Select  and research car seats and strollers-make a decision on the one you would like to purchase.
  •   After  you have purchased the car seat of your choice,  learn how to install it, then have it checked by a car seat specialist (call your local  fire department for assistance).
  •   Research, interview and select a pediatrician.
  •   Select names for each gender (this is a common question potential birthfamilies ask).
  •   Consider  and research discipline styles/techniques. A.B.H.C  will provide Parenting With Love and Logic workshops.
  • Interview and select a childcare provider (if you plan to continue working).
  •   Research and decide on baby announcements, do-it-yourself or order, custom or off the shelf.
  •   Make decisions about new wills, life insurance and a guardians for your child(ren).
  • Research and request forms to add your new baby to your health insurance plan.
  • Research and decide about cord blood banking.
  • Research and purchase new baby/brother/sister books for the older sibling(s), if applicable.
  • Prepare a first aid kit specifically for babies (consult your pediatrician or the Red Cross).
  •   Baby Proof Your House
  • Prepare the baby’s room.
  • Educate your friends and family about open adoption.
  •   Journal or blog about your adoption journey. A journal can record the milestones and detours, as well as your first feelings of love for your child and birthparents.