Benefits of Open Adoption Adoptees

IMG_4213_1[1]Benefits of Open Adoption for Adoptees has both critics and staunch supporters. Most of the criticism and support is based on the philosophical or legal rights of members of the adoption triangle, but empirical evidence to support either position is sparse.  It is our opinion at A.B.H.C. that open adoption is absolutely in the adoptees best interest.• Open adoption provides immediate answers to the adoptee’s questions.

• Accurate information — answers to basic questions that all adoptees wonder about, such as “who do I look like?” and “why was I given up?”

• The adoptive parents can communicate facts, instead of half-truths or unknowns.

• An opportunity for ongoing access to information

• In closed adoption, the adoptee has no access to his/her genetic and medical history. this lack of information.

• In open adoption the adoptee’s history, as well as access to family medical information, is available to her/him even as it is updated over time.

• Adoptee knows he/she was placed for adoption out of love.

• Adoptee is aware, on an ongoing basis, of his/her birthparents’ love.

• Adoptee is freed from the frustrations of the unknowns and feelings of rejection that are inherent in closed adopt.