The Adoption Maze

jennings-5087Finding our family began with meeting Geri Glazer. The adoption maze is packed with complicated options, questions, risks, and choices. Geri’s comprehensive education helped us navigate this process with confidence. Our trust in Geri was rooted in the knowledge, experience, and morality that she values. Without question, we would do it all over again and would recommend her and wherever she is,  to anyone choosing open adoption.

-Christina and Matt



Eased My Mind

IMG_1559Hello, My name is Lee and I met Geri from a personal referral and it was and is hands down the best thing that’s happened to me. Not only did she work around my schedule but she really took the time to sort out the WHOLE situation with me and really helped me weed out what was best for me and this little life growing inside of me.

Geri explained every aspect of adoption to me and made things come to light that I hadn’t though of before meeting her. Thing’s like it’s not a bad thing to give your child to another family, to ensure their security and stablility. It doesn’t make me weak to do such a thing. She put my mind at ease. Every time I met with her was more than pleasant, it was a critical part of making what was the hardest decision of my life. Explaining all of my options and getting me in touch with my new extended family. No pressure, always thinking of what was really best for my baby and me.

I can’t think of a more compassionate and passionate person for a position like this. To really have a handle on what’s best, in helping YOU figure out what is the best decision for you and your baby. Not heartless and cold but caring and understanding.

Geri made this painful and difficult process easier and I don’t know what I would have done without her counsel. We became and still remain friends and having looked into other agencies and talking with some other counselors in this field it was such a relief to meet someone who truly cares and is amazing at what they do best, walking by your side, being your guide thru what is the most important and difficult decision a women who’s expecting a child can make.


With No Judgement……..

IMG_2131_0675A little over 7 years ago we met Geri Glazer. We were in your shoes- trying to find the right adoption agency, which is a very overwhelming task. Geri, personally  came highly recommended to us from neighbor friends and we knew immediately that she was going to be the perfect fit for us. She has a lifetime of experience dealing with adoptions, adoptive families and birth parents. Geri loves nothing more than helping build families and she does it with joy and compassion. Geri is a wonderful advocate for children and birth moms. She helps everyone move through this process in a healthy and supported way and I want to emphasize with no judgment. I can tell you after all the paperwork, adoption classes, home visits, and legal aspects we went through…almost 6 months from the day we started this journey, we met our beautiful daughter. Geri is dedicated in helping birth mothers work through these difficult decisions and loves being kept in the loop of adoptive family Christmas cards, email updates, etc. Trust that you will be in good hands and will end up with the baby that was meant for you.

-Kate and Glen Tillman

Blessings In Big Numbers

VogelFam(1)When we started the adoption process with our first adopted child six years ago, we were blessed to have met Geri Glazer. Her knowledge and passion for adoption is unmatched by anyone we have met in the field. We understand how this can be an intimidating process to both birthparents and adoptive families. Rest assured that Adoptions By Heart has everyone’s best interests at heart! Geri has facilitated three healthy adoptions for our ever growing family and we are so thankful for her. We have unique relationships with each of our children’s “tummy mama’s” and that is because of Geri’s vision and now that of Adoptions By Heart. We know our babies will grow up with a healthy, well balanced understanding of who they are and the sweet blessings they came from!

-Bryan and Kristie

Fostering Trust

w_0013“We came to adoption feeling very vulnerable and having experienced a lot of loss. Geri’s support was so critical in helping us more forward, in helping us
understand the benefits of open adoption, and in fostering trust. She dedicates endless hours to building relationships with birth parents and creating a safe,
loving environment in which she guides birth parents to find their way to adoptive families. Working with her helped us to feel like we were adopting in an ethical way,
that she was committed to finding the best homes for babies. Now, several years later, I still feel like I could call on her with any needs or concerns that may arise.”


A Place of Possibilities

IMG_5951I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a woman that has impacted and changed my life in extraordinary ways. Twenty- two years ago I was a young woman headed for a life of teen mother statistics. I had already given birth to a son that I had chosen to parent and found myself yet again involved in another unplanned pregnancy. I was lonely, scared, and very broken. This was not the life I felt I had intended for myself and knew I needed to make some very drastic changes. At that point I decided for the benefit of my son, myself, and the unborn child inside of me I would look toward placing this baby up for adoption. I contacted an agency out of the phone book to assist me with my intentions and luck of the draw that’s when I met Geri Glazer.

Geri was a woman unlike any other I had ever met. Immediately I was able to pick up on her passion for a little thing, back then, called open adoption. Although for myself I wasn’t quite sold on the idea. All I wanted to do was have this baby and get on with my life. I had no desire to have contact, receive photos, and I definitely wasn’t going to be writing any letters to a family. Somehow Geri continued to work with my resistance. Through her Love, openness, and support she was able to bring me to a place of possibilities.

When I felt I had no one on my side or in my corner she continued to be the encouragement that I needed. She went above and beyond any exceptions I had of an adoption coordinator and I have yet to meet a better social worker. She gives of herself openly and honestly and brings passion to a career that all of us should admire. She taught me how to be a woman and live without fear. And when I thought my own journey and my involvement of the adoption process had ended, Geri then became my friend.

Twenty years ago Geri took that passion and started an adoption agency.  Since that time she has impacted the lives of over 700 families and numerous individuals. Just recently, Geri retired from that agency because of a change in mission and vision for the agency she founded. Thus, leading her to found Adoptions by Heart, with Jeanne Reisig MA, a former colleague whose mission is to honor all the members of the adoption triad. Birth Parents and Adoptive Families all coming together for the sole purpose of loving a child.

She has created a community based on love, honesty, and trust. Not a day goes by that I don’t reflect upon the fact that Geri was not my luck of the draw that day but a special angel sent down to me from above. She is an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary passion for what she does so well.

***In May 1989 I gave birth to a son that I placed with a family that I had chosen and after meeting them fell in love with. I continue to have contact with them. Two years ago I was able to see my son, receive his diploma and he is currently a student at the University of Nebraska.

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*Disclaimer – Photos and testimonials may be from both present and previous clients of employment of Geri Glazer and Jeanne Reisig.

Although Geri Glazer founded Creative Adoptions Inc in 1990-2012 she is no longer affiliated or connected to Creative Adoptions, Inc.